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How to edit the first draft

Features of Secondary Editing of a Manuscript

Before proofreading, it is important to set a goal: what exactly will you correct? If you start to correct the commas, you will go into proofreading, forgetting about the stylistics. Get busy with stylistics - you will miss catching logical inconsistencies. And so on. It is easier to decide right away - today - typos and commas, and in a week - style, and not be distracted by anything else. And essay writing serivce 3 hours remember the well-known saying about the chase and two birds.

Yes, ideally, after the "beta" and "resting" the text will have to read with interruptions two more times. The first time - picking up logical inconsistencies, adding imagery and volume. The second time - for editing and proofreading.

Of course, if you know a philologist, you can arrange for editing with them - with a clean text to work more convenient and pleasant. And - yes - after all your proofreading - again - "betas". And again - possible revisions. And in the end, the process of preparing the text may require more effort and take much more time than writing a draft.

But, believe me, it is worth it. A writer becomes a professional precisely when he or she works on a draft - when he or she works on a text to improve its quality. Writing and graphomania, enthusiastically describing the adventures of elves, can be a lot of people. And english homework help to finish the draft so that the book saw the light to read about these adventures over and over again all lovers of fantasy - this is the work of a professional.

And only you decide who you want to be - a graphomaniac and a lifelong dilettante or a pro.

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